Getting Stuck (General JS)

Hi guys,

I’m up to the “Seek and Destroy” challenge on the site. I seem to be finding each challenge increasingly more difficult and feel like I’m forgetting stuff that I learned earlier on. Basically, I’m finding it difficult to make sense of a lot of things that I previously ‘understood’.

Is this normal? If anyone else had a similar experience could you tell me what helped push through and take your learning to the next level.


doing the algorithms i felt the same way a few times.

sometimes it just takes a while for you to find the solution, i remember that sometimes it took me hours to actually find the solution to the problem.

more at the end of the challenges i found out that better understanding the MDN documents was the best way to solve those problems.

But motivate yourself, learning how to solve these algorithm challenges is really going to help you game up your javascript. i can say that after i finished all the algos my JS skills got much better

and remember to Read-search-ask rule.

here in the forum there some tips on how to solve them .

Cheers for the response, that was helpful.

I think I’ve been expecting to be able to complete the tasks in less time than they take in reality. Ill be more patient and stick at it - thanks

It usually takes time to understand exactly what is required. I usually look at the tests, then re-read the instructions.

Note that Test driven development is becoming more common these days!