Getting the correct output but its saying incorrect

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It is saying that this code is not correct. However, when I console log it it seems to be giving the output that it is after. Can someone have a look and let me know what I am doing wrong. I have done the split so that it matches 1+ white spaces

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// Only change code below this line
function urlSlug(title) {
return title.split(/\W+/)
  .map(a => a.toLowerCase())

// Only change code above this line
console.log(urlSlug("Winter Is   Coming"))

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Challenge: Apply Functional Programming to Convert Strings to URL Slugs

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You’re close. But what happens when the string starts or ends with a space? The test that’s failing has a leading space.

Can you think of a string method you could use, before the split(), that would remove leading or trailing spaces?

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ahh yeah ok if I use .trim() before that should fix?

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Exactly right. Well done.