Getting this message while trying to submit the request on the landing page challenge

Recently, I’ve been on a streak to earn the Responsive Web Design Certification from freeCodeCamp. Ok, so I’m using Firefox on linux and when I try to submit my form for the landing page project using the url provided. Firefox keeps banning it for some reason and prevents unit tests from passing as a result.
Here is my codepen:

Wait - it looks like you’re trying to load FCC inside your codepen?

yeah ? but isn’t it allowed kinda? that’s how iframe works too and youtube iframe works too

iFrames are different than direct links. You can’t use CodePen as a web broswer, it won’t allow it (that’s why all your a elements need target=_blank).
The link that FCC provides for your submit button is a dead link. It doesn’t need to work.

The reason you’re not passing that last test is this error code:
The #email input should have a name attribute

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ah ok, thank you. That was odd because the unit tests never said anything but ok. Thanks again for your time

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If you click the red tests button, you get a screen that looks like this:

The first line of that code block is the error.