Issue: When I click the #submit element, the email is submitted to a static page

I have the last issue I can’t solve on my landing page. Look please and help.




in line 68 of the html file you are missing the name attribute. I think that that is the problem.

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Thanks! It was the reason!

Hi, please what do you mean by name attribute? because i’m having the same problem like borka and i’ve put name attribute but it still don’t is my code

You have linked to the wrong pen, post your link again.

it is the same one that i get

is there another way of posting a pen code?

Link to your Codepen that have the assignment you are working on. You have just linked to the empty FCC pen that you can fork to start working on the assignment.

the url shows me this

lasjorg please try this url

  1. Your form is hidden behind the header, that needs fixing, no matter what tests are passing.

  2. This is not correct

<form id="form"><input type="email" name="email" required placeholder="Enter your email address" id="email">
  <a href=""><input type="submit" id="submit" value="submit" name="submit"></a>

Add the action attribute to your form element, and give it the URL you are using in the anchor element, then remove the anchor element (the anchor element should not be wrapping the submit input)

it’s still don’t work man please at this one

action is an attribute on the form element, not a separate tag (just like id=“form” is an attribute on the form)

  1. Remove this


  1. Add this (as a attribute) to the form element


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thanks man i finally got it!!!

Good job, now please do fix the header anyway. It may not be part of the test but it’s still important, at least try.

ok i will resize it:grin:

hi @Kindsman
Can I know what was the reason/purpose of having the name attribute?

Hey guys,

Can smb please check my code for action validation?
I can’t make it work.

Looks like you’ve got it working jkalandarov. Good job!

it wasn’t until i copied the same code and pasted it, then it worked.

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