Git and GitHub practice for all us noobies

Thanks for playing along!

We have a resources readme page too and are trying to keep it to free schtuff

Feel free to add to it, or create a new read me for the linux command line stuff…

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It’s the beginning of the week. time for another basic change to the website… update coming

later in the week than I wanted but busy with life

new issue to claim here:

Just go in and comment that you want to try it out.

Basically adding padding to the div’s and changing the border style.

happy GitHubbin’!

After a while I realised, there are many repositories like this one, I found one where you just write your name to a markdown file. It made me think, yes they have an even simpler idea, but it won’t get you started building anything important.
We made it so there is actually a visible outcome when you contribute and we have the option to also make it into a decent web page if enough of the community decides to help out :slight_smile:

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We can create a that links to similar projects. People can never get enough git practice, 'specially early on. it’s really something you have to do over and over to get it down.

Sunday’s here again

the regular issue (add your name) is still active

We also have a version of the site live:

latest issue:

If anyone wants to track the project without contributing we made it possible via

Many people have contributed so far and it seems we are steadily growing.
Awesome community, awesome people, awesome experience. Thank you all!

We have now moved towards building a project so our repository is now also appropriate for more experienced folk.
We now have issues for everyone and if you want to contribute to an open source project, you might aswell start here :slight_smile:

Solid progress, now we need some ideas what to build next!
Help us out by clicking the issue below.

I’ve added a project to work on a ‘home page’ as a jumping off ground to other open source projects so people can add their name here and then work on other projects…

Cool. So are we waiting until the ‘home page’ master is created , then clone it and start making and submitting changes?

Sorry… just a bit behind on everything… you can still go in and add your name to the project…

or if you are brave… start adding a nav bar…

What I want to do is break down the tasks into smaller bits as first-time-issue… but if you want to start in on it that’s cool too…

If you are super brave, build it on your local, then instead of doing a PR build an issue with a snippet of the same code in the issue and offer it up as a ‘up for grabs’ first-timers-welcome issue…

Thanks. No problem . I was referring to the new project about cloning a ‘home page’ - I wasn’t exactly sure how that was suppose to work. I’ve already added done the adding my name thing :slight_smile:

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got something up:

Create a Container for a nav bar at the top of the page. I leave it up to you how to style it…


for now leave this code alone as it links to our page with contributor names. later we will jazz it up…

<div class="contributors">
	<a href="./contributors.html">Contributors</a>

after the closing </div> you can add another div. Clone it off of the site

or at least add some tabs/buttons/links for
About Connect Contact FAQ Resources

For now don’t worry about the CSS too too much. but feel free to put a border around it so we can where it fits in with the page

also if you are brave try this out


Angie Gonzalez and Arlene Perez created a GitHub app called First Timers that automates most of the process of creating first-timers-only issues. Install it the app on your repositories and commit simple changes to branches with names starting with first-timers- – the First Timers App will turn it into a fully fledged issue with all information a first-time Open Source contributor will need to make their first pull request.

weekends coming… latest updates.

I’ll be adding issues to the GitHub project this weekend…

User Stories for Home Page for anyone who want to get a jump on it

Looks interesting, but no idea what is going on here :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can add you name to the contributors page…

latest issue: