Git and GitHub practice for all us noobies

latest issue:

@DarrenfJ finally got around to doing this. Git is some crazy beast. Very powerful though.
I submitted my PR. First time. Now that I’ve gone through it all I don’t think it’s so bad. Thanks for the opportunity to practice.

The one confusing part I didn’t quite get was that I needed to push my branch to my remote fork. I think it all came together in the end when I saw that GitHub automatically gave me a button to “review and make a pr”. Thanks again!

Are you guys making any more issues?

btw the contributor page looks like something from the myspace era now… lol… how did that happen!!?

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@RomchyFCC had the idea to create the contributor page… to make it a crazy collage… something he saw in reddit I think… It’s good though… a great way to get easy practice…

yes! ye’re doing more… we want to build out the home page… as well, create practice pages for further PR’s… that would be the empty links for Project 1 and Project 2… more to come!

@DarrenfJ please create an issue and assign it to me!

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I do want to create an issue where we center the home page…

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Sounds good to me! I can get started but don’t think I can finished it very soon. It’s jist a busy week!

I’ve been off absorbing all the new curriculum lately… But @RomchyFCC had added some new issues to help build some ‘mock’ website to get git/GitHub/PR practise in…

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Hii Darrenf !!! I get that this is for all beginners in git hub …but i really don’t understand what are we supposed to do …i mean how to start … could you
please brief me up?? I want to contribute …

The original plan was you just add your name to the contributors list. To do this you need to fork the repo, and then make changes to the HTML, and do a pull request.

So in adding your name, you are getting a chance to practice using GitHub…

Since then, we have expanded, and are working to build ‘fake’ sites off the main page to allow people who have already contributed to get more practice doing PR’s…

If you scroll down to the read me on this page there is instruction on how to fork, and do PR’s

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Thanks a lot for briefing DarrenfJ :slight_smile:️ …can i join now ??

I just realized it’s not as obvious as it used to be… the contributors page I am talking about is here:

on the ‘home page’ it’s the link at the very bottom

home page:

You can add by updating the file here:

but make sure you fork the repo. the home page has GitHub links on how to fork etc… as well basic instructions are here:

I’ll try to go in later this week and maybe clean-up the home page. As usual I will do it as GitHub issues so anyone can do the changes but detail what I need…

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Thanks a lot for making it more clearer to me:-):smile: