[Git Bash/ CMD] How to fix crashed/error in git bash/ cmd display?

Hey guys, I was typing git commands on VSCode.
But suddenly the git bash window looks weird like that.(It looked totally normal just a few minutes ago)

I have no idea why this happens even after I rebooted the computer.

Even the terminal window/display looks weird too…

Can you help how to fix this?? Thanks …

Hello there,

When I was developing an app using a built-in terminal like this, I often came across this kind of view, because of the way node-pty would try to update xterm. It usually means input with xterm is not in parity with node-pty, which could come about from a number of reasons.

Potentially, VSCode have a bug. But, it could also be something about the processes on your computer - the server on your computer running node-pty is not properly connected with xterm. Do you have a lot running in the background on your PC?

If you look at the two images, you’ll see that they are two different terminal emulators. The first picture is a bash terminal. The second one is a powershell terminal. If you look at the dropdowns that say “bash” and “powershell” you will also see that each has a number before it. In the second photo you have at least 3 terminal emulators running, and powershell is the third. My best guess is that as you were typing, you had a mistype and hit the keyboard shortcut to open a new terminal (I think it’s Ctrl + `, but I could be wrong). Powershell is the default terminal emulator for VSCode on Windows, so when you created a new terminal window, you opened a Powershell instance.

I assume it’s the cut-off text for bash and the space in front of the command for PS that the OP is talking about.

Is it only the integrated terminal that has the issue?

For me the VS Code integrated terminal has always been a little bit janky at times, usually closing and reopening the terminal fixes the issue.

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