Git Pages Home Page:

Hi - I’m using Gitpages to deploy my react page to the web using the following link . When you click on the link, the home address is not found. Can someone help me fix this issue? I’ve tried to add a basename as such in my App.js file but this didn’t work. I’ve also tried to match the exact path in my router in my index.js file but this didn’t work. Below is a link to the gitHub repository.

Note, I am able to navigate to the “homepage” from the “page not found” page by clicking the “return home” button.


This doesn’t answer your question but I’d suggest checking out Netlify (CRA deploy).

I’m guessing you followed some guide like the deploy guide on the create-react-app site and looked at the route stuff (this post might help explain what is going wrong).


I went through the post you suggested and it worked. Thanks a bunch!