Git push origin master

I am currently attempting to complete the “remote control” section of Save your Code Revisions Forever with Git. I have been trying for 2 days now. I cannot for the life of me get past this bit. The problem is I go through all the steps, and then I reach the part where I’m suppose to “git push origin master” in the cloud9. Everytime I get the message
Username for ‘htps://’: Myusername. I put in my username, and then the next thing that pops up is
Password for 'htps:// But it won’t let me type anything there! I’ve tried typing it thinking it might be that it is reading what I type, but not letting me see it, but still I get this message:

remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘htps://’

This is very frustrating. I really would appreciate any help. Am I just missing something obvious?

I have also tried using github for the desktop, with the same results.

Please help!

I took out the second T from the links so that the forums won’t recognize them as links, because it said I can’t have more than 2 links.

Password typing on the command line is invisible to stop prying eyes seeing your password.

If you get the password right, it should work - just try again.

I’m not able to test this on cloud 9 myself, but if cloud 9 didn’t allow github pushes, no developer would use it, so I doubt it’s a problem on their end.

Got it. I’ll give it another shot. Maybe I’ve just been getting my password wrong. Thanks!

No worries, let us know if it doesn’t work. If you still have trouble I’ll fire up a c9 instance later to test it out.

Update: just tested it and it does work on C9.

Okay. That worked. I had to reset my github password, because I screwed something up there, but that worked. Thanks!

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