Git question,Permission denied (publickey)

hey guys, i’m having a deep deeep problem, for some reason after I wanted to get to connect to a new remote repository on github, I had a message saying that that git didn’t trusted the server in which the file was uploading from, and asked if I should move forward without a key and I pressed yes as I’ve never encountered this message before and didn’t want to generate an ssh key or work with them. for some reason, now I always get the "Permission denied (publickey) message and I have no clue how to fix it, I can’t no longer access to remote repositories.

I had the same problem and if I remember correctly, I had to generate a ssh new key

i already did, followed the steps in the documentation, for both github and git, Still no good.

Hello there,

First question: Are you trying to access with SSH?

I have had weird issues with this type of thing in the past where:

  • HTTP works on Windows 10, SSH does not
  • HTTP does not work on WSL, SSH does

Then, I had to disable a filter on my ISP’s firewall, in order to use HTTP on WSL.

I honestly didn’t wanted to, for some reason the ssh server did not trust my IP connection and asked for one

FIXED, needed to remove the repository that didn’t fetch the ssh key because it was made before the SSH key was created.

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