Github and GH-pages

Ok so I had my pause with following udemy course, and now getting back to it and him leaving not recorded things / using Mac and expecting the same to work with Windows is another difficulty.
One issue I come up with (for Windows) is getting this simple project and its gh-pages link to work
but instead, I get blank page?

I use Git Bash
It does work on NPM START
but i’m not sure what am I missing, as I have few projects before that are working

I also try not to use GIT ADD .
Are all of you guys adding files seperately?
bcuz in Git add . I have a folder that is 200mb and has 50K files which takes around 2hrs to finish on gitbash
Then GIT COMMIT -m"msg"

Then for windows i found out i need NPM INSTALL --save gh-pages
and then NPM RUN BUILD

No bug or any other issue appears, so I even spent 2hrs on opening new repository and GIT ADD .
I added every single file, everything as him(even more so),and its as if there’s magic that is not working for me?

You shouldn’t be committing 50k files. I suspect that you have generated those files in error or need to add a gitignore file to filter out logs/ect that shouldn’t be committed.

Edit: 50k sounds super big… are you sure you are committing the correct folder and not some parent folder of large portions of your harddrive??

Yup. As @JeremyLT mentioned, leverage the .gitignore file to avoid committing unnecessary items. I would venture a guess that you are committing your node_modules folder which should not be pushed to a repository.

Additionally, GitHub Pages is only for hosting static sites. If your app relies on a server to provide files, then GitHub Pages will not work. The gh-pages package you installed can be used to deploy to GitHub pages in specific instances, such as for apps built with React or Angular.


Yes the node files are that big by default, i tested 1 empty folder with npx create-react-app and its 42,298 Files, 4,951 Folders with Size 155mb, Size on disk 196mb
So im scared to use git add .
But i’ll see tomorrow the missing .gitignore which i added only recently
I also see in dev tools: error 404
I compared to my gh-page that works and the mentor’s gh page
it has unnecessary “…io/Aleksandar15/robo…”
and im not sure why its requesting that as my package.json has:
“homepage”: “”,

I’ll look into whether I missed something that is requesting a server to provide files, as almost everything is identical to what the mentor’s app look like (and as it runs locally just fine) … that’ll be for tomorrow as i spent 8hrs on github and learnt 0coding lol and my eyes are closing.
Also in dev tools (ctrl+shift+I) I see its requesting my username twice:
I’m not sure if I can fix it
as it is requesting from manifest.json (a file I never touched)

I dove into your repo a bit:

The package.json I see on your master branch has this:

Also to mention i am currently editing this repo -
Its files are the same , i pushed the package.json with different “name” and “homepage” link

If its just frozen like that I’ll upload it elsewhere/buy domain and show it that way

also, compared to what andrei’s looks like:

Something went horrifically wrong, because that is way way too much. That is not supposed to happen by just initializing a project.

Update is: the file remains big but with .gitignore (I guess) the: git add . command adds just the essentials (and quickly)
I also did few tweakings and my page is online:

@nhcarrigan after 12hrs it works - i did change “homepage” before NPM RUN DEPLOY
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Glad you got it working! Happy coding! :sunglasses: