[GitHub] Can I create a folder for only fCC's projects?

I mean that instead of putting everything in repositories —even my ok/bad projects—, I want to have a folder for my fCC project repositories and another for my random projects.

In a word, yes.

Just create a top level folder (repo) like you would on your local machine and under that create a folder (repo) for each of the FCC projects and drop the individual files in their respective folders (repo’s).
Know that since you’ve already put your projects on GitHub that moving them will not keep the changes tree. It looks as though you’ve just recently put everything out there and haven’t checked in any changes so you should be alright.

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Do you recommend me to do it? I mean, is it professional?

I’ve done it in my repo.

Professional? These are small projects. For the most part when you start looking for a job you’re going to have bigger projects that you’ll want potential employers to see and you’ll have them in their own individual repo’s. The FCC projects will be a reminder to how far you’ve come.

How can I add this text:
Screenshot 2021-03-19 125402

Under my repo?
Screenshot 2021-03-19 125417

Go to the repo, and edit the about section.

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OH MY GOD, I’m SO BLIND! :man_facepalming:

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No worries. Now you know :grinning:

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