Any harm in putting up my FCC projects on git?

I learned how to use git recently, and have pushed all my FCC projects on there. Is there any harm in doing that? And should I be making a different repo for each project? I just started out and its thats all that I have on there.

you cant regret doing that sir.

I thought the same but came accross this post about another user’s experience. Fcc user forked all of my fcc projects on github

So wondering if I should keep them private or public?

do you have any alternative database except git?

I do not think so. I don’t think I know what you mean? I just started learning code this two weeks back. :no_mouth:
I have the projects on code-pen, local drive and github.

If someone wants to copy my work or fork it and add to it or improve it, it is not a concern at all because I am still learning and am a big advocate of open source but it might hinder their learning if they are going to copy and submit the same.

I don’t think there’s any harm in putting your projects on Github. The ones I’ve done I’ve put on my own GitHub- I don’t think I labeled them as “free code camp project” though. That would make it stick out. Hmm better go check lol.

It’s up to you if you want to make the repos public or private but just a caveat- if they are private and you try to deploy the projects people may not be able to see them. I need to test that but I know for pictures they won’t be visible.

Same with how to file them. Mine are in separate repos so it’s easier to deploy.

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Thakns for your reply. I have mine as a seperate repo per project. I only mention FCC on the file for each project along with other details.

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Just a reminder that you make sure to not commit any api keys

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Thanks for looking out :slight_smile: , I will keep that in mind, that is a huge security risk and I recently read an article about how a lot of repos had API keys within them.

@cryptographicfool Yes, I recommend making a different repo for each FCC project. That way you can work on one and make improvements to it seperately.

Yes, you definitely should, because that’s how people can see your progress. I regret deleting the very first projects I hosted on GitHub when I was starting out, I didn’t to look like a beginner back then.

Also don’t worry about people using your code. Whatever their intention may be, that’s their thing, you are here to learn by building projects that you can show to future employers.

I have a few followers on GitHub and one day I noticed that one of my followers copy-pasted the code from my portfolio (which is on my GitHub) and even the design, although the person changed the color and something else. I found it hilarious, but it didn’t bother me at all.

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