How to manage freeCodeCamp projects on GitHub?

Hi everyone :wave: ,

I need you help. :confused:

Basically, I want all my projects code on GitHub.

  • Should I create a single repository ‘freeCodeCamp’ and add all projects code in respective folder. For ex. ‘Tribute page’ project in '‘Tribute Page’ folder and so on…
  • Should I create a separate repository for every single project. For ex. a ‘tribute-page’ repository for a simple ‘Tribute Page’ project and so on…

What will be the best way to maintain code on GitHub? :thinking: I would like to know the ‘why’ part for any answer. :upside_down_face:

Please give any suggestions on how you are maintaining the code on GitHub?

If you have any other way to do the same, I will like to know that. :hugs:

If you are just going to have FCC projects on Github besides exercises, I would create separate repository for each project. Especially if you are using React or other frameworks, it definitely looks cleaner if they are stored at each repository level than all in one giant single repository.

Here is how I do it.


From codepen, bottom right corner, there is an export button, you can save projects as github gist. From Glitch, I create the repo in Github and then connect my project to it, as well as most other sites (that I know of) you have to create the repo.



I have just completed Responsive Web Design Lessons only. So I was thinking is it ok to create a single repository for simple FCC Tribute Page.

Ok. Thanks @JP-Dub.

I have not tried Glitch yet, I will read about it. :slight_smile: