Organizing Files on Github?

How do you guys organize your files on Github? Is it better to have a whole bunch of repositories, or just a few organized by theme and course?

At first I started creating a new repo every time I added something, but then I ended up with 30 repos. Since a lot of them are from freeCodeCamp, I’ve started amalgamating them into 2 repos (lessons or projects), and deleting the duplicates.

I think I can whittle it down from 30 to maybe 10 or 11 repositories. Then it’s organized better, but maybe it looks worse with less repos?

I have the same problem too. It’s now a habit for me to create a github repo for all my projects (not sure if it’s a good thing).

Now that private repo is available for everyone, maybe you can make the ‘insignificant’ repos private and only make public for the rest.

Merging similar repos like FreeCodeCamp projects might be a good idea.

I’d go with a repo per project, but if you prefer a single repo, try to keep all of them contained within their subdirectory, even if it means duplicating things. One thing you can do if you really want a merged all-in-one repo is to keep everything in a separate repo, then use git modules to bring them all together in your uber-repo.