Im following this github youtube video tutorial:
github crash course
But when I clone my demo-repo and cd into the folder I do not see git:(master) in the terminal.
Im using vscode.
Can someone help me? :grin:
thank you so much!

Do you see main as the branch name?

For historical reasons, the main branch is/was referred to as master. But that has some negative connotations, so we have mostly switched to main instead.

Master/slave is still used for other hardware related names (like hard drives). We also have white/black lists. Both of which have very negative connotations so we are switching to other names.


It doesnt say main either :face_exhaling:

What terminal are you using?

What operating system are you using?

If you are on Windows I wold suggest you install the Terminal and Git for windows.

You can change what terminal is used for the integrated terminal in VS Code.

Thank you.
Im on windows and I have git installed.
Which terminal should I switch too in vsc?

If you installed Git for windows, you can use Git bash and it should show the branch name.

I haven’t tried it but there are ways of making PowerShell show the branch name as well.

Terminal prompts vary in their default behavior, but are customizable. If you’re on a Windows computer and expect to use the console/terminal much, then it’s recommended that you install Windows Terminal. This is officially supported, available for free in the Windows store, and will give you easy access to a wide array of customization options.

If you don’t feel like messing around to get the current branch in your terminal, you can always check it with git branch --show-current.