Rename Master branch to Main and modernize references to master-slave db replication

Hey Contributor Team,

We are going to rename references to the old Master-Slave terminology throughout freeCodeCamp and its documentation to the less charged Primary-Replica terminology. This is already used by documentation of IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Python, and the ACM.

I went through freeCodeCamp’s publication and updated references to “slave” and “master” with more contemporary Primary-Replica terms.

But we need to do this with GitHub, too. For each of our repos, we need to change our default branch from “master” to “upstream” or something similar. I think GitHub is going to start doing this by default for new repositories, but we will need to do it ourselves and migrate it over.

Would any of you be interested in helping take charge with renaming these GitHub branches and updating our,, and other GitHub documentation?

Here is the GitHub issue:


I left a comment on the GitHub issue. I like the idea, IMHO instead we should call it development to fit nicely into the context of other branches that we have: production-staging, production-current

Signifying the development process:

development --> production-staging --> production-current

I will defer to others for their thoughts.

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