Github Pages showing ReadMe instead of my homepage

I’ve built a portfolio using Angular.
I’ve one custom domain with me that I bought from porkbun.
I’ve my portfolio code pushed on github and hotsed it using GitHub Pages. ( )
I have connected it to my custome domain. (amitshaiwale.domain )
But insted of showing my homepage, it is showing me readme content when I hit the custome domain URL.

What am I doing wrong here ?



I’m no expert but I think github pages works a bit differently to how you’re thinking it does. github doesn’t do hosting as their primary business, rather github pages is a neat little off-shoot service that they do.

without going into it too much more, I think you’d do well to look into using heroku’s free tier for this if you’re looking for a free option.

alternatively, a quick scan of your repo and the github pages help page seems to indicate that you have to pre-compile your site into a static one, and that you’ve set up your folders correctly in the repo. also I think you’re gonna wanna change the name of the repo on github:

If the first part of the repository doesn’t exactly match your username, it won’t work, so make sure to get it right.

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