GitHub Student Developer Pack

I applied for the GitHub Student Developer Pack because of an article I read about the many benefits of attending free code camp including discounts on Office 365 and the GitHub Student Developer Pack to name a few.
I’ve tried multiple times and the website asks for a email address with “.edu” or some other email given to us by the school are enrolled in. I gave up after applying multiple times.
Does anyone have any experience with these benefits we get as students.

You can only use the GitHub student developer park if you attend an institution that issues a .edu email address. FreeCodeCamp does not issue a edu email address, and I’m not aware of freeCodeCamp claiming that freeCodeCamp users can use the GitHub student developer pack.

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Are you referring to this article here?

If so, I have seen this question come up before in the forum and I think there is some confusion on how student is defined.

As mentioned earlier, the term student refers to those who you are currently enrolled in a school like college/university.

The purpose of this article was to let university students and other school students know that they have access to discounted services and products.

Hopefully that clears up your confusion.

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Notice it’s clearly writte in the article what you need for the GitHub Student Developer Pack:

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I understand that it is very clearly written in the article.
what I don’t understand is way the article is featured on the freecodecamp site.
They article goes on to all these entitlements. That we as students qualify for great discounts on Products like Microsoft Office 365.

Which none of it is true because freecodecamp users are not recognized as being enrolled in any degree, certificate or furthering your education program. Else users would qualify.
I don’t know why freecodecamp wants to make it seem like people who use the site get access to any student discounts. Causes they do not.

The publication has many articles on many different topics, that one is specific to university/college students benefits, it says in the title it’s about a student email address

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