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Hello, Long time reader first time caller.
I am just starting out my journey to completing the whole stack.
I am trying to get the student benefits available to FreeCodeCamp students listed in this article Info from this freecodecamp article
We as Students should have access to to many student discount programs. What I found out , we are not . We do not get school email addresses. Also, all of them are looking for .edu email addresses. Why would post this article if it did not apply to the students?

  1. GitHub Student Developer Pack
    Link to Github Student Dev Pack

The site keeps asking for an email that the school issued to me. I tried using my email addres used to log in to a gmail address and it wasnt accepted. I read another article on how you could send proof of being in school instead of school email, but github has no option for this now.
2. Figma for Students
Link to apply for figma
They don’t recogniz freecodecamp at all.

  1. Office 365 Education

    The article list 2 more both wanting school or .edu email addresses. I am frustrated I found the article on the FreeCodeCamps site.
    Does anyone know if these benefits are still available to us a student. If there is a specific way to claim them that I do not know about.

Any information would be great as I am trying to work, got to school and juggle family life, I could really use these to continue my education if we are entitled to them,

FreeCodeCamp does not provide .edu email addresses to learners. The programs mentioned in that article are only applicable to people who are part of an institution that grants a .edu email address.

FreeCodeCamp’s news platform provides a wide variety of information; not all of it is directly relevant to learners who are only using the freeCodeCamp learning platform.

FreeCodeCamp is not an accredited institution and is not able to offer these benefits to its students

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