Need to confirm enrollment status with the state


I need to confirm my enrollment with the State. Mom has health issues and I was laid off in October - so I’m applying for unemployment (training) benefits. Is there an admin that can provide their contact information to help me confirm my enrollment? Feel free to DM for more details.

We don’t have a way to confirm your enrollment. See similar reasons listed here:

I understand and respect the developers’ time and efforts. I think the “enrollment confirmation” is more of a conversation with my caseworker to make sure I’m really just taking the classes. Is there any way to accommodate this? If not, I understand.

I’m not aware of such a process. Somebody else might chime in if they know something.

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Maybe give them access to your account so they can see the progress indication? (If that is even an acceptable option)

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I’ve reached out to my caseworker to confirm for now. Thank you both!

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