Figma Educational Account

Hi there !
I would like to start learning Figma, and to get a free educational account on their site. They say you can apply for one if you’re in an online course:

The thing is that in the application form I need to provide a school’s name, website, and an email address - presumably so that they can email the school and verify that I am its student:

So I was wondering if I could provide Free Code Camp as my online course, and if so, what email address should I type in the form?

Figma’s educational plan’s website address for reference:

I would be super grateful if someone could assist me with this.


Hello there,

Unfortunately, I do not think this is possible due to this criteria:


FreeCodeCamp falls under this category:

  • “Not-for-profit” or “non-profit” organization

Needs to be an actual institution. Otherwise you could just say you are a school and get education discounts for all similar products.