Gitter Channel : JavaScript (Lets Re Group)

A few years ago the the JavaScript Gitter chat room was really active. Unfortunately, it seemed to have moved and that community is now lost.

Can we re group ? Everyone Welcome!
<edit see @bradtaniguchi comment below.
I’m going to see you all at HelpJavaScript
See below… discord it is. :smile:

Edited and removed my comments …

Just wanted to throw out there, out of all the rooms I know from FCC’s gitter rooms, the HelpJavaScript room is one of the more active ones, mainly due to a few regulars.

Perfect, thanks @bradtaniguchi, see you there. Been looking where the community has moved to.

Just wanted to mention, that in the last few week or so, FCC now has an official discord, here’s the post from Quincy:

Haha, sure. See you there. Thanks for letting me know. Quite like discord. One place for all the channels.

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