Giving credit when using libraries/plugins

Quick question here; on a current project I’ve used bootstrap, fontawesome, an image gallery plugin from github, as well as followed a css tutorial, (which I modified slightly), to make a dynamic background on my homepage.

Do I credit all of these? or just the plugin & tutorial? Where is appropriate to credit them? Is a comment in the source-code sufficient? Thanks!

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When I use a chunk of code that solved a problem I couldn’t do on my own, I add comments in the code with a link to the source.

For libraries used etc, I usually add a little note in a footer on the homepage, or create an about page / modal if the list is too long.


Perfect, I will do the same in that case!

I’ve been doing footer on the homepage as well…

I usually like to mention the fonts as well as cite pics and creative commons if I can… That goes back to a couple of courses I took on Graphic Design…