Plagarism in projects [Resolved]

Hello everyone! i have been working through the course for about 2 weeks now and i love it! I just discovered the forum and the massive community that comes with it and i am blown away! All this for free!! LOVE IT! Anyway, i just got to the project a little further down in the front-end portion of the course about making a wikipedia search page and as i look back at my projects i realized that i have been grabbing images off google for backgrounds and stuff with out giving credit. Is this okay since these are education only projects? What’s the proper way to give credit? Thanks for all your help everyone.


This thread discusses this issue, and links to another thread discussing the issue :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the fast reply the link was helpfull. From what i am to understand, it is okay to use images for education, but for portfolio or commercial purpose citation is required? From now on i will only use the sights suggested in your link that give open source content and i will cite them as best i can. Does anyone have any suggestions on the type of citation that should be used (APA, MLA, something else) and where in your project it should be placed? near the image in the code? in a seperate txt file? Just in the header comment? The post provided had a lot of conflicting examples. Thanks again!

You can use for free to use images

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fantastic resource! Thank you, i will.

There’s also, images are from multiple public domain and Creative Commons 0 resources, such as Unsplash.
You can’t use the direct link from their sites however, so just download pics and re-upload to Flickr first. I did that for the Weather API project.

In regards to your question about how to “cite” images: best practices for attribution

That is an exellent article! Thanks everyone for your fast responses, this community is crazy! How do i mark this thing as solved?

Just edit the title. :slight_smile: