Seeking guidelines for avoiding inadvertent copyright infringement

I have put off creating a tribute page to make sure I can create one with no plagiarism issues. I have read the FCC academic integrity policy, but can’t seem to find a guide on the site.
What’s expected?
How do you secure rights to use an image?
How do you secure rights to use a sound file or video clip?
What citation style is appropriate for text?
Can the code itself become an issue?

Appreciate any help. I am continuing the coding challenges, but I need to figure this copyright stuff out before putting anything on the web.

Licencing is a tricky issue. I had a front end project for college where one of the requirements was to ensure that we were not breaking copyright law. My solution, just to be safe, was to only use resources that were covered under an open source licence (such as Apache 2.0 or MIT) and create a reference page that detailed every resource that I used, the type of licence that it was released under and a link to said licence. Here is a link to the reference page of that project. (Disregard the rest of the project btw, it was my first Angular project and I truly did not know how to use Angular at the time)

With regard to code, currently, source code is protected by copyright law, but methodologies and ideas are not. (See the recent Google V Oracle case). To my understanding, in order to break copyright law with your actual code, you would have to steal someone elses code and repackage it as your own.

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You definitely can’t just google an image and use it in your public project. If you like an image, you have to find out who is the author and what kind of licence the image has. Usually artists and actors have images on their website for promotion, you can use such an image, but have to credit the author.

Here is a good article about image license: Understanding Copyright And Licenses


Just get your media content from an you’ll be ok.


There was a conversation about this that included several links for resources here.

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Thanks for the info.