Tribute Page Help

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for my
tribute page. The thing I’m struggling with the most is whether or not
this would actually fall under the fair use policy in terms of
copyright. Do I need to obtain permission from say a musician/celebrity
before using their photos in anything I create for this project?

I do have previous web development experience, but it’s been a while
since I’ve coded anything and I definitely do not want to violate any
copyright laws. Just trying to build my portfolio and showcase my
skills! Any guidance would be appreciated!

It’s awesome that you are thinking about the fair use of the work of other people!

You can search for creative commons images pretty easily through google (they even have a usage rights search tool, which is not always 100% accurate, but it’s a start). Wikimedia commons is another good place to find images.

The point of the project, though, is to just make anything - it’s about thinking through your layout and applying a few styles. So really, your tribute can be about anything or anyone. I did mine about my dog - no copyright issues there, and she was sat right in front of me at the time, so I could even ask permission :wink:

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What about a brief history of time!!!
Big Bang!
Poof - all gone again!!

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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Here is a great article I found with some links to free stock images you can use on your personal site.

Hope this helps


Thank you for the suggestions. You guys rock!