Image for Tribute Page Project

Hi, is it ok to use the image or photos of a well-known person found by Google search in tribute page project? I just worry about infringing copyrights. Thanks.


Hello @annyykw. Welcome!
If you’re worried about copyright problems, there are websites where you can find free photos:

If you still need to use Google images, then adding proper credits to the image would be sufficient. For eg, add a text in your footer saying that all images on this webpage are from [sitename].

Happy Coding!

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Rules for copyrights are only for code. So don’t worry about images and texts.

Thanks so much for the information. I will take a look at the website you recommended.


Can you elaborate a bit on copyrights of code? Does it mean that I can’t use those codes appeared in the challenges done before and have to write a whole page of code from zero?

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Hi @annyykw

its okay to use them in freecodecamp as they don’t care much about copyright and stuff. Actually you can use them to finish the challenge, but its a good practice to write the code from scratch while learning to code. when you meet all the conditions to create the tribute page, you will pass the test.

Happy coding : )

@annyykw read again the Academic Honesty Policy
I think you have to accept it when you start using Free code camp.
You can search it in

Hey @annyykw.

It’s always good to start from scratch while coding and not start from templates as @rahulnandan said. If you do so, you will learn a lot of stuff and you will have the confidence to create more websites later. If you only edit the markup of the example project freeCodeCamp gives and edit some styling, it can be “kind of plagiarsm” and as @AndrewAung11 said, may violate the Academic Honest Policy which you should pledge before starting the projects or earning a certificate.

But, don’t be afraid to look into the code of any webpage if you wonder how they did it.


Thank you and all others for the explanation. I finally found that some codes like img src="" are must-use for the project. I just wrote the codes I know from scratch to fulfill the minimum requirements in the tribute page project. Unfortunately, it seems that I failed to save the final product of the test template. I have to do it again now. :sob:

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Hi @annyykw, did you fork the test template to your codepen account? If not, your changes will not be saved,