Tribute page- Responsive Web Design project

Hello, My name is Chris M. and I am stuck even before I can begin.
Perhaps I am overthinking this but what is with the 9 or so user stories? For whom are we to create a Tribute page? Anybody have an example I can look at so that I can have a clue as how to begin? Help.

Your code so far

in the objective (first paragraph of the page) you can see an example of a tribute page
you can choose any subject for the tribute page and you can design it as you wish. You can also just go with sample text.

you should code it yourself from scratch, this is your first real project, and you should show you can apply the things you have discovered so far. Remember to do ample use of Read-Search-Ask by reviewing past lessons and googling stuff

other than that just focus on one single user story at a time, if you try to do them all at the same time you will drive yourself crazy

you don’t necessarily need to use codepen, but it is an easy way to have the project available online plus you can just fork the pen with the test suite provided after the user stories and code there - in codepen you don’t need to add metadatas, most of that is done in the background, just put what would go between body tags in the html box and between style tags in the css box, the staff for head in the settings of the pen
and don’t delete the script tag present as that is the test suite and you need it to test your project