How is Tribute page project

please give me feedback about tribute page project.
thank you
Tribute page

Did you copy the same code given in FCC example?? :roll_eyes:

Try to build more creatively
Have A good Day

Did you just copied the already available code?
Also you added a rouge “s” at the end of the page

I have not copied code.i used same id given in #user-stories.

thank you so much for your feedback.

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thank you for your feedback.why you think i copied the code.
I try building same thing which they have shown on tribute page project.
I will correct extra “s”.
pls let me know reason why you felt like that.

But I can’t see any difference in your code. Think creatively.:neutral_face:

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you actually end of building a tribute page who is almost same as given in demo so they thought you copied .
just chill be True to yourself learn more do more
Your are going good…


I have one query when I run my test,it has shown 8/10 in red color back ground what does it mean?

it means test case failure if you don’t follow user stories strictly it will show like that .

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thank you for answering

Very simple and decent one. Really nice project @iknlaxmi

Best luck :+1:

Well first thing is
Do you really wanted to give tribute to that guy?
Is there someone or something else that you wanted to give tribute? If yes then it was expected that you make a page for them.
Then comes the part where you have literally used the same image, colors etc given in the example you didn’t even tried something new except for that “s”.
If suppose the material was copyrighted and had intellectual Property rights and if you would have done the same thing then you would have been in a lot of trouble.

Don’t get demotivated now build something new from the scratch and try to do thing your way.
no one is going to judge you here. They will only give you the do’s and don’t s .
Hope it helped

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I am new to web development.
I am doing “Html,css,Js” course in coursera.
There we exactly need to develop whatever given in the assignment.
I thought same way we have to develop even for tribute page project.I tried implementing same as given page.
After I have implemented for fonts and color i have taken from codepen code.
Now I understood what exactly FCC project expectations.
Thank you somuch for your feedback.