Tribute Page Project - Copyright advice


I am about to start my first project in the responsive design course, but I’ve got a few questions about copyright:

  • how should I refer to my sources? Or should I just use Wikipedia and slap the link on the bottom of the website?

  • what to do about images? Which can I use and how to refer to them?

  • am I good to watch YouTube videos about people who are completing this challenge and learn to code from them (not copying their code, just, you know, learning)?

I do not want to get into trouble for plagiarism, and I didn’t find any tutorial in the challenge description, so I am asking here.

Cite your sources. Include a note that the text is taken from Wikipedia (or wherever) and include a link to the source page.

Make sure that the image you are using has a creative commons license that allows you to use it for noncomercial purposes. Usually there will be information at the image source about whether attribution is required. When in doubt, attribute.

Sure. I would try to avoid relying heavily on it. My suggetion on something like this would be to watch the video at a time when you are not coding. Pay attention to how they are describing their problem solving, instead of watching the code that they write. Then, when you come back to CodePen in an hour or a day or whatever those core lessons will have taught you, but you aren’t likely to (even accidentally) copy their code.


Hi @Pet-er !

Welcome to the forum!

I personally think you will learn more by researching on your own through google than watching a youtube video for the challenge.

I would start with just html and tackle one user story at a time.
If you get stuck then start asking questions on google.

For example, one of the common places people get stuck on are the last two user stories.

User Story #8: The img element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.

User Story #9: The img element should be centered within its parent element.

I would start with googling how to create responsive images.
The first few results will provide you with the answer.

Then you can also google how to center an image.
Again the results will immediately give you the answer.

Then you can slowly start to design the page.
Pick a font.
Pick a color scheme.
Decide on an overall layout.

The goal is not perfection.

IMO the real goal of these projects is to learn how to research, make mistakes, debug your code, and read error messages.

Sure you can watch a video that will give you a clearer path on how to build this project.
But IMO you will learn alot more through trial and error and through research.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for your advice, but I’ve got one question: can I code it in Firefox? Because I really don’t use anything else and do not want to clutter my pc with Chrome.

Thank you, I didn’t expect to find such an active and caring community here. I will try to google as much as possible.

You can use whatever code editor you want and the page will open up in your default browser.

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