Is It Cheating?

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I’m working on the first Responsive Website project for the Tribute page and finding myself getting stuck quite often. Is it cheating if I change the view of the Dr. Norman Borlaug CodePen example provided from Full Page View to Editor View and use the code from the HTML and CSS sections as a reference for the tribute page that I’m creating for that project?

I’m basing it off of another celebrity, so it’s not exactly the same, and the parts of the requirements that I understand and remember how to do from following along with the courses on FreeCodeCamp, I’m typing without looking at the code.

But some of the phrasing from the requirements goes in one ear and out the other or I understand what they want, but I don’t remember how to do it or even what it’s called.

If it’s considered cheating, then I don’t want to use it as a method of solving the issue, but if it’s considered to be a learning tool to go off of the code from the example project and use that to create my own, then I’ll be able to rest a little easier.

Thanks for your time and patience in reading this, and I look forward to anyone’s reply.

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Little advice, be patient!


Hi @wordsthatrhyme!

Welcome to the forum!

To the answer the question, it would be cheating if you copied all of the sample code and just changed a few things here or there. But I also don’t think you should be using the sample as your main reference. It is supposed to just give you an idea of what you can do but there are millions of way to build this project.

Getting stuck is completely normal. It is part of the process. These projects are supposed to challenge you and stretch you a little bit. They will force you to research more, review more and ask questions. All of that is completely normal.

I would suggest practicing researching what you don’t know instead of running to the sample. Get used to asking questions like,

How to center an image?
How to create a responsive image?
How to create space between elements on the page?

Through research you will also discover new resources that can help you in the future like css tricks, mdn docs, w3 schools, stackoverflow, etc.

There is nothing wrong with taking a look at a couple of things here and there but using it as your main reference is limiting the learning process.

Hope that helps!


Thank you all for replying to my post.
I’ll definitely avoid looking at the code for the rest of the projects.