Will copying the tribute page be a fail?

Hello campers.

Today in gitter.im chat someone asked if it would be okay if he copied the text from the tribute page. The reply he received was that he would fail. I have submitted the projects thus far: tribute page, random quote machine, and weather page (3rd link not allowed for new poster***) - all basically copies of their original projects.

Being someone who is terrible as design I knew I would falter if I tried to think up my own look and feel for these pages. I therefore found myself thinking it best to just strive to get the look and functionality down doing my best not to see the markup making up the originals. I did end up cheating and looking at the animation css in the original weather project after spending way to much time trying to make it work on my own.

I have really liked this approach to building these projects. I don’t have the extra worry of wondering if it looks good or not. I just need to get something that works and looks like what’s already there. I also feel I am learning quite a lot.

Working on the tribute page forced me to look up css media query to figure out how to fit a page to a properly fit a view. The quote project had me spend time figuring out how to find and use an api. I spend way to much time trying to figure out how to try and color and svg as a pseudo before element and just couldn’t make it work. I ended up having to just inline it to color it :frowning:. It still taught me a lot and maybe next time I will figure out how to, what, base64 it and maybe decode it and re-encode it when the fill needs changing (what the fraq).

Most recently with the weather project I had to again deal with api’s and learn how to interact with then when there’s cors to deal with and mixed secure content. Having to give up on the openweather api and looking around for something that works. Finding yahoo’s weather api, working with it for a few hours only to realize the data its returning is hours old :angry:. Thankfully hyperdev comes to the rescue and I can actually go back and use the openweatherapi and learn how hyperdev works in the process. Trying to figure out those animations was just the worst, but again I feel that trying to mimic the original project forced me to not just use a static picture, even though I ended up doing that quite a bit as well. Trying to learn to use inkscape to make my own svg’s (I made the thunderbolt, couldn’t make the cloud :cry:) was just a hope and pray this thing works ordeal.

Man oh man, it’s really nice when something finally works and knowing it could all be for naught is kind of a shame. So before I continue with further projects I just would like some clarity on whether it actually is stated somewhere the if you copy the look and feel of a projects original page you will fail.

Thank you for your time.

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Thank you for your reply.

To make sure I’m clear on the matter; I have not received any grief from anyone. I just happened to see someone in the gitter.im chat asking if they could copy text from the tribute page. They received a “you fail” response. I tried asking the person that responded if they were sure of that but I never received a reply. I’m just hoping they were mistaken.

Thanks again.