Am I plagiarizing? [solved]

I am doing my very first project in freecodecamp “built a tribute page”. I want to do a biography on JFK but I find the information on him overwhelming to study his biography fully and right the whole article on my own! I want to use my time to learn to code rather than learn about JFK is it OK if I copy only the paragraphs from some short biographies found online on JFK and cite their original authors?

Yeah dont stress over the content…most I believe use content from wikipedia, and will of course give attribution. I wouldnt straight up copy like, an essay or blog post or something like that, but news articles or community shared info like Wikipedia would be fine.

Also, it doesnt need to be a full on article…its been awhile since I did the tribute, but if I recall, the example was just a timeline with bullet points of major achievements. So def, dont put a ton of effort into the content…its not a research paper :smile: focus on the project itself and learning how to lay out the information on the page, making sure you fulfill the requirements of the project.

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Lorem ipsum that thing :grin:


haha, I didn’t know this!! are you sure my project will get approved? I mean do real people audit my project before it gets approved or is it done just by a scrypt?

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thanks for the help!

Academic Integrity… its up to you to be honest with yourself that you completed the projects when you submit them as done. :slight_smile: For a definition of done, use the requirements as your guide…use the script they provide on your projects to make sure it passes all tests and youre good.

If you want to go the extra mile to do more, and learn more (which you should!) do it with your code…to start, just try to get it to pass the requirements, but then go back over older projects to improve them with new technology as you learn it, that way you can put what you are learning into practice.

If you want some advices on your projects one you feel you are ready do publish you can post them in the #project-feedback category. Projects are not evaluated, but if you really want for the certificate to have any meaning you need to do the best you can
Before submitting your projects, be sure all tests and user stories are satisfied, post them in the #project-feedback category for peer review, ask friends and relatives it they have aesthetic or functional advices from an user perspective… they can be part of your portfolio, to showcase your abilities

I know some people will disagree with me, but, whilst you’re learning coding don’t worry whatsoever about where you’re sourcing your material from, provided you’re using that material for your FCC learning and not for remuneration.

Ultimately, you are learning to code, not to write like Orwell or speak like Cicero. For me it would be criminal to waste hours and hours of learning time, worrying and finding and applying attributions for a bit of random text you’re using as a placeholder for a coding project.

Literally zero people in the world are going to chase you with a writ because you used part of Homer’s Odyssey or some paragraphs from a New Yorker article to fill in the blanks on a tribute page on an FCC project.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m some renegade with a complete disregard for journalistic and legal practices, far from it - I worked as a sports writer for 5 years before moving into sports broadcasting - but in our ‘sphere’ we are doing not much more than a school project and everything is being done in good faith.

Later on, attribution will become more important and you’ll become more familiar with Creative Commons, and open sourcing and all the wonderful methods and tools that are available for writers and programmers to use for free with suitable attribution or licence. But that’s a world away yet and I’d advise you just to focus on - and keep enjoying - your learning for now.

Personally though, I use a Lorem Ipsum generator:

It creates gobbledigook blocks of text that you can insert into sites to flesh them out to see what they would look like with content - without needing to find anything specific and avoids any grey areas around legality or morality.


that’s what I thought too! thanks for the help!

Nearly forgot… yeah I used a Bob Ross Lorem ipsum to do the technical documentation project… Happy Little Trees :smile:

On that note though, I do think it’s important that you’re interested in whatever you’re working on, because you’ll enjoy it more and do better on it too. Like, even with Lorem ipsum I always try to find something funny or interesting so im at least amused by what im working on.

I don’t lorem ipsum anything that goes into my portfolio though, I want future employers to see attention to detail and that I put thought into every aspect of my work.