Review of my project and some questions

Hello guys, I wanted to get some review of my page. I don’t know if it is too similar to the sample project. It is the first project I am doing of the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum so I am unsure how stuff works.

I also have some questions regarding the tests and content of the projects. Should I commit the tests to my code, or should I just test it and then remove it? And the page content can be copy pasted from somewhere, or am I supposed to write all the stuff myself? I mean, that’s a challenge doing a project, I’m not that creative person and so hardworking to get into the tiny details of writing the content myself. I got the main timeline text from a page and then I added a link in the bottom to that page as that is the source of my text.

My project:

You should leave the test script for the projects you submit so they can be tested.

You can borrow text from places like Wikipedia. Even though it probably won’t matter much for the fCC projects you should really try and make sure not to infringe on any copyrighted or otherwise protected content that you are not allowed to copy. I would suggest always giving a source reference no matter what to make it clear where the text is coming from.

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Thank you for the time taken for answering my question. Talking about copyright this remembers me that those websites have this copyright sign. So I am going to follow your advice to use Wikipedia content… Do you know any other sources that have no copyright or some way to know if a website has copyright besides the sign with year in the footer?

You can check the TOS of the site, e.g. the License part of the TOS from the site you are using.

I’m not a legal expert but you should be allowed to quote and paraphrase from articles as long as you link to the source. That is how Wikipedia does it. What you can not do is just copy-paste parts of articles and present them as your own content.

I really don’t see an issue with the content of your page and you are sourcing all the text. As for the timeline, I wouldn’t worry about it. But if you want to you can always change it up a bit to make it less of a direct copy.

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I had changed it a bit, but anyways I realized that some content of the page I was using is actually from Wikipedia, so I just ended up going to Wikipedia and using their content. I didn’t know about TOS. So I’m going to try always link the sources of any content I use on my projects. Thanks again for the time taken helping me!

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