Copyright and Projects

I’m about to start on the Build a Technical Documentation Page project and, while I understand that copying code is, of course, a no-no, I am wondering what is allowed and expected with regards to originality of topic and copyright of the project’s content (media, etc.).

When I did the tribute page project, I sourced information about the subject from several websites, but the compilation of all of this information took a lot of time and was not relevant to the coding. Am I supposed to be coming up with an entirely new project that is functionally similar but has different information? I saw a YouTube video where someone did an FCC project and wrote their own html and CSS but copied the information on the page. Is this allowed and/or appropriate? I would like to create my own unique project, but the work involved in finding and compiling the information can be quite time consuming.

Secondarily, what are the rules regarding copyright for text, images, etc.? Do we have to get permission to use images and cite the source accordingly? What about copying the text from another site while writing our own code? None of the projects I’m creating are meant for anything other than to earn the certificate, but I’m not sure of the legality and etiquette, both for this site and if I ever upload projects to GitHub as part of creating a coding portfolio.

Typically unless there is a blanket approval in the site’s TOS.

As far as content for the projects. I remember there was a discussion a while back within FCC about if it was fine if a user copied the text content of one of the demo projects. It was deemed OK as long as the design (the HTML structure, CSS used) was different. This only applied to the text. As far as taking text or pictures from another site, you would want to get permission first. Most of the time, people will just request that you document the source of an image (along with a link back to the creator’s site), but everybody is different.

What about using lorem ipsum for content? Is that considered appropriate? I feel weird about copying the text content but don’t want to spend hours researching something like technical documentation, especially since it would be hard to make it original.