Technical documentation page can I copy content from another site?

The code is my own from scratch but I’ve copied the content this page and just done it in technical documentation format, is this allowed?

Thank you.

Of course, that is what most of us do to practice website imitation, it is very good practice.
not bad, as long as you do it to learn, as long as you don’t copy something to resell.
You can even imitate YouTube, Netflix … to understand how it works and create something similar but not the same.
Sorry if you don’t understand, I don’t know English, you can tell me what word you don’t understand and I’ll try to correct it.


Thank you (Your English is great!)

Yes, my only plans for it were to use it for my FCC challenge. I was doing all the HTML/CSS myself just copying what Google has written for content.

excellent, it’s good practice.

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You should credit the original source though.