Questions about project Plaigarism

Hi Codecamp community! I have made a few projects already and have used a lot of information from wikipedia, but all the of code I have made is original. Does this violate the Academic Honesty Policy if I use the info from wikipedia? Or should I just source the material in the projects? Thanks!

As long as you source the Wikipedia page that you used for the information for the page that you made…

For the content of something like the tribute page, it’s good form to include a link to the original article(s). The main concern of the projects is that the code is your own.

Yay! Thank you for your help!

As far as I know all content on wikipedia is under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.
“Attribution” means you must cite the source
“Share-Alike” means that you have to publish your work under the same license

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