Good Image hosting websites?

Been looking for a good image hosting website like imgurr, however imgurr no longer allows this feature.

Anyone got any good sites they found?

I think Dropbox is an option, if you use it.

I personally use cloudinary. Works well for what I need.

Cloudinary is one of the best solutions for this, it let you transform the image through their api and they have a fast CDN. The only bad thing is, that with a free account you only have 20GB bandwidth / month. Some people use imgur or tinypic. Dropbox isn’t recommended because they (maybe) will block requests to your file if you use too much bandwidth…

Well, when imgur doesn’t allow it anymore then you could try tinypic still

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I have good experience with cloudinary as metioned above :))

Cloudinary seems heavy on the marketing…

I use

There are already many other free image hosting provider like Google Photo, Pinypic, Deviantart

Google Photos… Will look into that one.
Cloudinary I’ve heard is good.

Has anyone tried Amazon Prime Photos? I don’t know if that would work though for connecting to my app and/or website?

Which link should I copy? Is it the veiwer link or the html code?

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