How do i use image hosting sites

I’ve signed up for a few image hosting sites. even looked through this forum to get ideas. I don’t know if I’m missing a step, but I cant seem to put any pictures onto it. maybe I shouldn’t be getting images off of Google or Reddit. where else do you get pictures from.

if someone could explain like I’m five that’d would be most appreciated.

BTW just to let others know where I’m at, I’m trying to do my tribute page in the FreeCodeCamp lessons.

Hi, from what you are describing it sounds like you are wanting to ‘save’ pictures you find on the web to your hosting site/s?

If that’s the case, i don’t know how that can be done. It will be easier (probably better) to right click the image you want ‘Save Image As’ to your device then upload it to your hosting site from there.

I use Cloudinary after some gteat recommendations here and its a very simple process to upload and obtain a URL to add to your code.

Hope that helps

If you are trying to link to one, didja do…

<div class="box_1">
      <img src="" 
           alt="Xiija" style="width:100%">

Flikr is easy to use for your own pics, just hit the “share” icon and get the
url from the embed code?

here is the pen link for the photo above :stuck_out_tongue:

If i’m linking from someplace like google images…
i right click the image, and choose “view image” … to get the url of the
place where the photo is actually stored.,

p.s. TY to RenoFanucci for the CLoudinary info :slight_smile:

I am also having this issue, i thought you could just direct it to the web image with src=. so you really need to open a cloud account to store the photo first and then link it?