Host image? from third party site or computer path? how?

I want to use images I have on my computer for the tribute project. Should I upload the images onto a third party website and use the src link?? if so what are some good image hosting sites? or can i simply use the path directory in my computer to the image as the src?? if so how?

That depends how you’re uploading it.

If you’re doing it in Codepen, you’ll need to upload it to an image hosting website. I used Photobucket but I don’t recommend it because it’s kinda slow. I’m sure there are better image hosting sites.

If you’re building the page locally then yes, you’d path to it the same as you would any other file. Say you had your HTML file, then a folder with your images in the same directory. You’d do something like
<img src="imageFolder/image.jpg">

The latter would only work in Codepen if you’re working with Codepen Projects, but you’d set up the directory there the same as you would locally.


Also, if you’re doing your project on codepen, don’t host your images on imgur, or they won’t appear on your work (unless it has changed without me knowing)

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I am using in browser. how do i set up the directory there? if i have to put the images in the same folder as the html code. where do i find the html code folder for codepen?

I’ve had trouble with imgurr it doesnt seem to appear on other peoples computers only my own? it goes against their T&C or so I’ve read.

oh i see what you mean. so i will probably have to find a better image hosting website than imgurr and photobucket. thankyou.

The problem with Codepen Projects is if you’re using a free account, you’re only limited to one.

I hear Cloudinary is good for image hosting.


You can also use Dropbox for image hosting.

@kozmickai I stumbled across (Let’s Upload That Image!) the other day. It’s free and open source. Should work anywhere and if not, you can try to host the code yourself (although that may be more complicated in the long run). Here’s an example:

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