Where to Store Images in CodePen?

I am trying to start my tribute page. Where do I store images for it? I have them on my hard drive but every example i see in the img tag uses http:// to access the images. I tried using my local drive path but it will not show

You will need to use an image hosting service such as http://imgur.com/

If you know how to use GitHub, you could also use GitHub Pages. But @diarmuid-murphy’s way is a little more beginner-friendly.

Known Issues With Codepen


I have a couple solutions that might work for you:
Both of these involve using an online image-uploading site. My favorite is PostImage, and it will let you upload images for free (as long as the files are less than 5MB, I think). If you want up to 50MB, you can try using Mkerala, but be warned, if you use Mkerala, you images will be deleted after 120 days of inactivity.
Note: Remember to use the ‘Direct Link’ for any of these sites.