Good PHP tutorial?

Trying to look for a short and straight to the point PHP tutorial, I’ve looked around on Udemy but some of the tutorials I’ve found there are way too long. I am not interested in knowing how an array works, I already know basic programming concepts from JavaScript.

Any ideas?

Use this site

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This is a very long video on wordpress theme building however there is a 40ish minute section that is just about php. You can link right to it if you expand comments. There is a sort of table of contents.

Have a look at Laracasts, they have some quite good PHP free classes that are worth your time. I enjoy Jeffrey Way’s presentation style and the way he organizes his material.

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thanks guys, appreciate it.

Depending on the specific PHP topic that you’re wanting to learn, I might be able to recommend a specific course, because I’ve used a ton of different platforms to learn PHP in recent years and up until now.

+1 on Laracasts, which is extensive and has a lot of topical depth on different aspects of PHP. But depending on what you’re wanting to learn, Lynda and Pluralsight both have their advantages. Lynda doesn’t have a ton of PHP content, but there are some courses on there that are more useful than others. Likewise with Pluralsight.

If you don’t mind ebooks (which I’d recommend over online courses, simply because you can read through an ebook faster than a video course), SitePoint Premium has some very good ebooks that you can nab on their 7-day trial. Their Jump Start PHP is a good one that covers a lot in not too many pages, or if you’re looking for something more gradual & in-depth, their PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja is better. But you might as well download all of their PHP ebooks if you sign up for their trial.

Sometimes there’s also no substitute for a good printed book, and the best I’ve seen are those by Larry Ullman. Either PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide if you’re looking for PHP only, or PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide if you don’t mind learning MySQL at the same time.

I just finished the freecodecamp tutorial on YouTube. It’s about 4.5 hours long. I liked it, but I’m sure it is not as in depth as others you can find.

You can refer freeCodeCamp’s PHP in 5hrs for beginners and this playlist by mmtuts for OOP PHP and finally over here for Traversy’s - PHP: Front to Back.

Hope that helps! :smiley: