Where to find good PHP course

HI, I used to learn on FCC a couple week to learn HTML/CSS/JS stuff.
But lately, I discover that my project need to use PHP on backend.
So I wander, if you guys know some great resources (free or not) to learn it.
I’m not beginner any more (intermediate), I need more example/project oriented stuff.

Thanks !

@school123as you can search it on Udemy or Lynda, great source of learning if you like video tutorials. or you prefer reading then you can try tizag.com or tutorialspoint.com

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I think the best thing you can do is learn from web courses. As PHP can be complicated sometimes, I recommend learning as much as you can. Otherwise error will occur and it’s important to detect and deal with them. If you need help with it, you can try using some programs such as checkmarx and others for help.
Good luck!

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Here are a couple of video tutorial sites that I have used.

Hope these help.