Which php course should I take?

Hello Everyone. Nice to be here.
I have a question and i have searched a lot to find an answer.
I am looking for a good php for beginners course and the more that i search the less i am close to make a decision, since there are tons and tons of answers out there.
I prefer the course be a video tutorial and i should note that i am an absolute beginner on backend.
Thanks for the answers.

I would highly recommend you to learn and understand PHP from codecademy first . The content is up to date and using new PHP version . The course is complete and they are constantly adding new content . There are not enough video tutorials on YouTube for PHP and most of them are outdated . So at this stage there is no better option than codecademy + w3schools(only for reference) .

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I personally don’t like codecademy. I’ve used it in the past and I’ve found its “courses” very shallow and that do not teach much. Plus you need to buy the pro version to do some lessons.
I generally look for courses on ClassCentral. By searching for PHP I’ve found 2 courses taught by the university of Michigan through Coursera: Building Web Applications in PHP and Building Database Applications in PHP.
I haven’t taken them but they seem to cover quite some content.
You can audit them for free


Thanks for those links. I was looking at Udemy, but some courses are quite old and feedback varies a lot for each course. It’s hard to know which reviewer to believe sometimes.

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