PHP udemy course

Hello, i would like to know some really good courses on udemy speaking about:
-Admin panel
-bloging news / comments

I don’t know if i’m good at finding things but pagination / bloging is not easy to find exemple of.
And forum essentialy consist of already made stuff.

I would like to find like 1 or 2 courses not outdated speaking and explaining clearly with good exemple / practice these stuff.


Here is a review I did after completing the Udemy course “PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP Master - CMS Project”. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

Audio and video quality are quite good. The presenter seems very knowledgeable about the subjects. This series of videos consist of the presenter typing into his code editor while chatting. A lot of concepts were presented but the underlying theory is very light. I come from a background of OOP in Java and C# so I was able to get some useful information on how it is done in PHP, but do not expect to understand the materials if you are new to OOP and are not trained in OOP from another language. The last half of the course starting with the database section I found of no real use to me at all. The presenter flies through a lot of coding in his editor without any kind of theoretical framework to place the information into. So for me the bottom line would be if you are already proficient in using a database in a MVC environment in another OOP language this course may be a good choice, but if you are trying to learn what OOP in PHP is all about then this course is most likely a poor choice for you.

:frowning: not very good. I have background in object java… Simple object java;

Admin panels, blogging, comments, forum – Underlying all of these, are just database CRUD operations (Create, Update, Delete) of database records. So if you learn mySQL and creating SQL statements (with inner joins, outer joins, etc) you’ll be able to create all these things. You may need some courses on database schema design, so you can plan on how to store the different related data and their relationships.

Pagination – again, underlying this is just knowing how to create the right SQL command to query/return only a subset of records from your database, and then you just display those records.

Security – most of security issues are from unsanitized user inputs (and/or URL query parameters) making your site open to SQL query injections. Again, you need knowledge of SQL so you’ll know how to filter out and keep your user provided data clean and sanitized before passing it to your SQL query.

So in your search, look for PHP and mySQL courses… and BUY A BOOK (or read online docs), not everything can be taught in a video course.

Hello, thanks you !

Are these courses enough (the second does not contain php):

thanks you again

ps: i already own them

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Nice Share for Udemy Free Courses

No free courses. I just gave what i have and if i needed more to do what i said upper in the topic broo :confused:

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