Good place to learn React and D3?

So I’ve finally passed the front-end challenges and projects(WOOO!) and now move on to the data visualization but I noticed that they don’t have any material yet for learning React or D3. Any good places to learn them?


First off, congrats! That is quite achievement!

To answer your question, this was my approach:

At first, when I start learning React, I checked out ReactJs Program – Fundamentals

Though I did not finish the whole tutorial, it did give me enough to understand what React was all about (and even webpack too, which he covers briefly). However, nowadays it’s more common to use ES6 syntax style in React projects, so I needed different tutorial.

Eventually someone recommended to check out Stephen Grider’s course on Udemy. I can’t highly recommend enough to check out his tutorial: they are very good in a sense that he doesn’t assume you know everything so he breaks down everything what he types ( note: you can probably find discount price on his stuff on Udemy by googling his name and udemy :wink: )

As for D3.js, I also recommend one of Udemy’s course: Data Visualize Data with D3 The Easy Way ( you can also find discount price on this one)

The only catch about this D3.js tutorial is that it uses version 3. D3.js recently updated its version to 4 (this past June I believe).

What I did was I compared the notes that the tutorial was showing vs what was changed from v3 to v4

Good luck!

I will definetly check those out thank you for the tip!

free resources: (pretty good in general with getting you from 0 experience/knowledge to serviceable about the fundamentals)
facebook react docs are a good place, they can be frustrating to look through but they do have good and useful information. a good free resource,

paid:, Both of these are pricey, 38 and 40 per month, respectively. If you can afford even one month of either of these, i think they teach more in less time than 90% of the other free content out there. They teach more than react/d3 but their react/d3 courses will teach you a good amount and can be picked up quickly if your comfortable with JS. Their only downside being that they cost money, neither have free trials. FrontEndMasters does have a money back guarantee, if your not thrilled with the quality/content, money comes back.

Feel free to check them out.
Good luck with react/d3.

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Will check these out as well. Hoping that since they are extensions of JavaScript that they won’t be as hard to learn as JavaScript itself has been.

Hard is relative. Lots of people think JS is ‘easy’ because you can use JS without a deep understanding of how and why JS works. JavaScript IS hard, it does have a steep learning curve. React and D3 have been labeled/known to have a ‘steep’ learning curve. Like every other tool/framework/language/library, as long as you stay focused, don’t give up, remember that everyone who became good with ‘insert x language/library/framework here’ started with the same doubts you have or will have, they just never gave up.

Keep pressing and remember, whether your doing this for fun or to get a job or get a better job, people who program are supposed to be doing this because they have fun doing it, or relish the challenge at least, remember to have fun, even if you want to smash your computer from time to time. Everything is hard at first.

Happy Coding.


That’s definitely true. I won’t be giving up that’s for sure. << also very helpful

The flux one (2nd) is kind of outdated compared to the redux (3rd) one. The reason I still suggest the flux one is because it is more beginner friendly while the third one pretty much assumes you know most things from the flux one. After going through the 2nd and 3rd courses I feel I improved substantially as a programmer in many different ways, they were not easy though.

You can get a free pluralsight account from googling microsoft visual essentials or something like that.

freeCodeCamp beta shows they will include React into a future course, the only question is when it will be complete. Beyond that I recommend checking out the Udacity free courses and YouTube for courses (lots of free content to help you).

I have a subscription to Treehouse, so I started to learn D3 from there, but after several days I felt like their method didn’t work for me. So I searched and tried other options until found which has an excellent systematic curriculum to take you step by step to full understanding and professional D3.