Google maps API or something like that

Hello guys,
i have a project for some taxi company…
So, they want to have travel destination fee…
Like how much will cost from one street to another street

Can i do with google maps API? Is it posible?

What exactly are you wanting to do with google maps API? You need to describe in much more detail what you are hoping to accomplish.

So far all you have told us is a taxi company wants a travel destination fee. You have not described how you want to calculate the fee. You ask how much will it cost from one street to another street. The taxi company must tell you how they want to charge and then you will have to figure out how best to make that calculation.

I want to make two inputs, first is for your starting adress (for example your home) and second is your destination where you want to go.
In our country, we have three tariffs for charging prices…
Let’s say that you can select one of three tariffs…
First tarrif is: 0.8euro per km
Second tarrif is: 0.9euro per km
Third tarrif is: 1euro per km

Now, let’s say I select first tarrif and in my first input i type my home street adress and in second input i type some destination where i want to go(other street adress).

And let’s say that from my home to that destionation I have 12km distance … So if i selected first tarrif where is charging price, 0.8 per km = 0.8e*12km

Now i want to use google maps to find streets and calculate destinations, that’s it… And i will make JS that will calculate price from google distances with my tariffs.

You can definitely use the google maps api for calculating distances and the routes. Read the documentation on the api to see all the data fields you can have access to for making your routes.

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I’ve never used any API so im not quite sure what i can do…
Thank you :slight_smile: