Google Store Clone - Feedback

Hi Everybody!

I am cloning Google Store for learning purposes only.

I would like to have feedback about the hero section before I keep coding. It’s really
important for me.

Have a look at the project on Codepen:


This is the original website:

I have skimmed through it, but here are some quick pointers.

Use line height instead of margin-buttom, and the animation is kinda slow it become obnoxious, you can reduce the duration while transitioning between hover and normal state.

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Thank you!
Could you please show me how to add line-height?

sure turn this text into one h1 element, and give the one with different style span and style it however you want it to be.

Per tutto cio che sei

Diamo il benvenuto a Pixel6a.

Then give h1 a line-height property line-height - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN (

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