Graphic designer looking for feedback on code

Hello, campers!

I’m a graphic designer venturing on becoming also a developer.
I would like to have your feedback about my projects. Specifically I want to know if I’m using or not some of the best practices on HTML, CSS and JS, but I’m open to any kind of comments to help me improving my skills.

I just finished the Wikiviewer challenge. Here is the link:

Thank you very much in advance!


I like your use of arrays to collect JSON object into loops. That’s neat!

The background picture took too long to load, and it did not look right to me. I suggest just dropping it. The simple background should be fine.

The only another issue I have is that when I do search, the results are so far apart from each other that it took lot of scrolling. Perhaps you can decrease the heights a bit.

Otherwise, great work!

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@dr.shreeman Hey, great feedback!
I will correct those details. Thanks.